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Evan hails from St. Louis, Missouri. The son of the vice president of administration for the Charles Stewart Foundation, Phil and wife Julie who is a homemaker. His break out role is often a movie overlooked, 2004’s Clipping Adam about a boy who acts out after a death in the family. He’s also had roles along side Hunter Parrish and Sean Faris in Sleepover, where he played Russell (also known as Spongebob) and An American Crime, which is a gritty story based on true events of a homemaker keeping her neice trapped in the basement of her home. He was graced in 2004 with the award for “Best Breakthrough Performance” at the Phoenix Film Festival.

Since then, Evan has appeared in various shows and movies, including Kick-Ass where he played comic geek Todd, one of the best friends of Aaron Johnson’s character, Dave Lizewski. His name wasn’t very well known until he landed the role of Tate Langden on American Horror Story. What’s next for the young actor? We’ll have to wait and see, but one thing’s for certain, Evan is finally getting the recognition that he deserves.

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