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Spoilers: Information on Evan Peters Character in AHS: Coven

“American Horror Story” is officially a week away from its season 3 premiere. With “Coven” set to cast its spell on audiences on Oct. 9, a little more scoop on the coming drama has leaked online – more specifically about “AHS” alum Evan Peters.

Fans of the FX mini-series may already know that Peters, who also starred in the season 1 murder house and season 2’s “Asylum,” will be returning in a much different role this year … a frat boy named Kyle Spencer. E! Online reports that Kyle is a member of the Kappa Alpha Gamma fraternity.

Details on Evan Peters’ new role are being kept under wraps, but we do know that he’ll be interacting with two important ladies – his season 1 on-screen love, Taissa Farmiga, who will be playing Zoe Benson, and his real-life girlfriend, Emma Roberts, who will be playing Madison Montgomery.

Thanks to plot descriptions for “Coven,” it’s been revealed that Zoe is a modern day Orlando, Fla., teen who learns that she’s a descendant of Salem witches. Upon her discovery she gets shipped off to Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies in New Orleans. It’s at her new school that she’ll meet fellow witch Madison, a “spoiled brat teenage movie star” who can move objects with her mind.

During the season 3 premiere, “Bitchcraft,” Madison will welcome Zoe to New Orleans by taking her to a local frat party … where she’ll meet Kyle. Kyle is a “sweet and grounded” fraternity member, but not all his brothers are like him. The synopsis for episode 1 teases that the Kappa Alpha Gamma boys “will regret the horror they visit upon Madison.”

While details regarding what will happen at the frat party are being kept hush-hush, we know that episode 2, “Boy Parts,” will find Supreme witch Fiona (Jessica Lange) helping Zoe and Madison “deal with a horrible tragedy.” Whether it has to do with Kyle and his fraternity is currently unknown. But episode 3, “The Replacements,” teases that Zoe will be ridden with guilt and trying to give Kyle his “old life back.”

Whatever does happen with Kyle, E! Online advises that “American Horror Story” fans keep their eyes peeled because two new frat bothers, Justin and Tim, will be “joining the gang by episode 7.”


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