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I have added two shoots of Evan, one is from Bello Magazine and the other is a new shoot that recently popped up and is also featured in our new layout.

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I have added high quality images of Evan from yesterday’s American Horror Story panel as well as the party he attended last night to our gallery.

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Fresh out of the American Horror Story panel Saturday night at Comic-Con comes the official cast for the fourth season of FX’s anthology series. Here’s who’s joining the Freak Show:

Kathy Bates and Evan Peters will be playing Ethel and Jimmy Darling. Joining them will be Angela Bassett’s Desiree Dupree, Michael Chiklis as Dell Toledo, Sarah Paulson in the dual role of conjoined twins Bette and Dot Tattler, and Emma Roberts as Maggie (no last name as of yet). Finally, series staple Jessica Lange will be playing a character is named Elsa Mars. Chiklis is playing Bates’ husband…and Bassett’s ex-husband.

In other exciting news, one of this year’s core villains will be played by John Carroll Lynch, the great everyguy-psychopath character actor. One of Lynch’s best-known performances came as the possible serial killer Arthur Leigh Allen in Zodiac; appropriately, executive producer Tim Minear described the tone of Freak Show as “Douglas Sirk meets Zodiac.” Everyone go watch Written on the Wind, immediately!



The next chapter of “American Horror Story,” dubbed “Freak Show,” will premiere in October on FX, but how will it compare to Season 2 and 3 of the series, titled “Asylum” and “Coven,” respectively?
According to John Landgraf, FX Networks CEO, the tone of “Freak Show” falls somewhere in between “Asylum” and “Coven.”

“Some years it’s going to be big and bright and brash and campy the way ‘Coven’ is,” he explained Monday at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverley Hills, according to Entertainment Weekly. “Other years it’s going to be dark and brooding, like ‘Asylum’ was. I guess I would put ‘Freak Show’ half-way in between the two. It’s not quite as brooding and formal and Hitchockian as ‘Asylum.’ It’s got a little bit more humor and a little bit more camp, but it’s got a brooding period feel to it also.”

Although “Freak Show” may have a similar tone as previous seasons, Landgraf said that the new season will have unique visuals.

“[‘Freak Show’ is] going to have a really different look from a design and cinematography standpoint than any of the previous incarnations,” he said.

This time around, the characters are also reportedly quite memorable.
“The characters are really distinctive, really original, some are really strange, but I think really compelling,” Landgraf said. “I love what I’ve read so far.”

“American Horror Story: Freak Show” takes place in 1950s Jupiter, Florida. It will be the last season for Jessica Lange, who plays a German woman managing one of the last freak shows left in the U.S. Sarah Paulson will play a two-headed woman. TVGuide previously reported that Kathy Bates and Evan Peters will be freaks. Angela Bassett will also be a freak but has hinted that she is not the bearded lady. Denis O’Hare revealed he is a “collector of freaks” this season. Ryan Murphy, “American Horror Story” co-creator, has shared that new cast member Michael Chiklis will be a strongman who is Bates’ character’s ex, the father of Peters’ character and the husband of Bassett’s character. Ricky Fits (“American Beauty”) will also appear in the season’s Halloween story, which has tentative premiere dates of Oct. 21 and Oct. 28, TVLine reported this month. According to the website, he will play Eddy, a “dark tormentor” that knew Bates’ character in the past and is “hell-bent” on getting revenge.



Quicksilver is more than a video-game-loving mutant speedster.

The character has become the breakout star of “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

“He’s got such a cool attitude,” says actor Evan Peters who portrays the silver-haired superhero. “He’s mischievous, he’s a (kleptomaniac) because he’s faster than the law. … But he’s also a teenager and also gets excited on, like, 20 cups of coffee. He’s a little bit antsy but a lot of fun.”

Peters will be promoting “X-Men” and other film and TV projects today and Saturday during the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con. (Peters also co-starred in 2010’s “Kick-Ass” and is a cast member on FX’s “American Horror Story.”)

Peters says phantom cameras — which capture super-slow motion — were used to achieve the effect of time slowing down for his Quicksilver character. Particularly, a sequence in which Quicksilver zips around the inside of a room at super speed, dodging security guards to free Magneto (played by Michael Fassbender).

Peters says filming his scenes with co-stars Fassbender, Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy was initially intimidating. “I was really, really nervous but they were all super nice,” he says.

The Quicksilver character will next be seen in Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” due out next summer. However, it will not be Peters in the role. The character will be played in “Age of Ultron” by Peter’s “Kick-Ass” co-star, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Rights to the character are owned by both Disney — which owns Marvel Studios — and competitor 20th Century Fox.

Peters says he is not worried about a different actor taking on the role. “I’m super excited to see it. It’s going to be totally different,” Peters says. “The Quicksilver I play is (a teenager) in the ’70s, he’s kind of this punk rocker kid, totally different from what they’re doing in ‘Avengers’ … I’m a fan of Aaron’s.”




The show’s resident Franken-frat boy reveals how much he enjoyed killing his character’s mother

“American Horror Story” star Evan Peters had a particularly challenging task in “Coven,” the third installment of the FX anthology series.

In the most recent season, Peters played Kyle Spencer, a reanimated frat boy who doesn’t quite feel himself — because most of his body parts come from other people.

With Emmy nominations fast approaching, Peters spoke to TheWrap about the most challenging aspects of playing a Frankenstein-like creature and the joys of onscreen matricide, among other cheery topics.

What was the toughest thing you had to do this season?
Probably having Kyle come back to life and finding out that his body parts didn’t belong to him. Figuring out how he would learn to move and speak. Playing the rage and frustration that goes along with knowing what you want to do and say, but not having the ability to do so.

What was the most fun thing you had to do this season?
I enjoyed when Kyle killed his mother, played brilliantly by Mare Winningham. Their relationship is horribly inappropriate and heartbreaking. It was nice for Kyle to get some payback.

Let’s assume that somebody has never seen your show. What would you say to persuade them to watch it?
The show is a well written and well executed psychological horror. We have some blood and guts, but it’s mostly a dramatic thrill ride with sprinkles of humor so you can laugh while you’re crapping your pants! [And] Jessica Lange is in it.

Let’s say you’re an Emmy voter. You can’t vote for yourself or your show. Who’s at the top of your ballot?
I’m not an Emmy voter but I enjoyed watching Matthew McConaughey in “True Detective” and Mark Ruffalo in “The Normal Heart.”

If you could play any other role on any other show, what would it be?

Frank Buffay Jr. from “Friends.”

What was the last TV show you binge-watched? How many episodes did you see in a sitting?
“Walking Dead.” A whole season.

If you get nominated, what will you pick as your Emmy episode?
I won’t.

Is this the Golden Age of Television?
There are a lot of amazing TV shows on the air right now. Calling it the golden age makes me feel like it’s going to end, and I don’t want that to happen.




I have added two high quality images of Evan from June 4th at the Maui Film Festival to our gallery.

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Although X-Men: Days of Future Past just released to theaters on May 23, the film is already available to pre-order on Blu-ray Disc, DVD, and in digital format to stream or download from online video services. Several editions will release to physical discs including a single-disc DVD, single-disc Blu-ray, and two-disc Blu-ray Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition appears to give you the most bang for your buck, with both Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray copies and a Digital HD copy for PCs, tablets, and phones. Amazon is also offering an Exclusive Edition that packages the Deluxe Edition with a mini replica of Magneto’s helmet.

20th Century Fox hasn’t provided an exact home media release date yet for ‘Days of Future Past,’ but you can pre-order the disc editions from Amazon (priced from $25-$75), or the digital formats in HD for $14.99 from Amazon Instant Video, Apple iTunes, and Vudu.

X-Men: Days of Future Past was directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men, X-Men 2) and stars Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Evan Peters, James McAvoy, Anna Paquin, and Halle Berry.



Scans from the May 30th issue of Entertainment Weekly have been added to the gallery with thanks to Claudia!

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